Lusty Wench, Organic Merino Sport Treasures Yarn, rich orange yarn

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Colorway: Lusty Wench. gorgeous orange yarn

Fiber: 100% NON-superwash organic fine merino wool, 20.5 micron count, 3 ply yarn

Yarn Base:  Organic Merino Sport Treasures Yarn

Weight: 100 grams / 300 meters / 328 yards

Gauge: sport weight

Care: hand wash in cool water, lay flat to dry. this yarn WILL felt if agitated.

Lusty Wench is more fun than you should have with a skein of yarn! She's a BEAUTY, a rich orange yarn with real depth. I dyed this yarn with semisolid dye techniques to allow your finished objects be as gorgeous all knit up or crocheted up or woven up as it is in the skein!

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