How do I care for hand dyed yarn?

Your skein of Treasure Goddess yarn has been dyed with acid dyes which are lightfast and washfast. Items can be aired out, steamed, spot washed or fully immersed to wash. Wool is naturally antimicrobial so often a good airing is all that's needed!

Fill sink or bucket with cool water and a small amount of wool soak or hair conditioner. Do not use traditional detergents as they strip the dyes from yarn and can cause bleeding. Do not agitage, gently push into water to soak. Roll in towel and press excess water out. Dry flat.

If care instructions say superwash, yarn can be washed on gentle cycle with cold water, but I still recommend hand washing! Dry flat.

Do I need to alternate skeins when knitting or crocheting with hand dyed yarns?

Even though skeins come from the same dye lot there can be some variation from skein to skein. I recommend alternating a few rows back and forth from old to new skein before changing to avoid a visual line in finished projects. Some people alternate for whole projects, but I don't find this is necessary unless you really love it.

Can I knit/crochet/weave right out of the skein?

Nope! You need to wind the skein into a ball or yarn cake before using. The easiest way to do this is to use a swift and ball winder. If you don't have one, you can place yarn around back of a chair, around your knees, or on a friend's arms and wind into a ball. You can always request your yarn be wound before mailing if you don't have the desire to wind your own yarn.

When will my yarnie treasures ship out?

All in stock yarn and accessories ship within 1-2 days of order! Items also SHIP FREE to US addresses!

I ran out of yarn & need more for a project....

Try to order enough yarn for your whole project at once to ensure all skeins are from same dye lot.

If you suddenly realize you need more, let me know the yarn base and dye lot written on yarn label you previously ordered and if I have more of that same lot I'll send it to you.