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As many of you know, I'm a proud mom of Joe, the author of this book. As a proud mom, I bought WAY TOO MANY COPIES and now have a few extra stored that could be doing good. It's a great read and you can help do some good too! We'll donate the full sales price of these books to our favorite local charity, CMNH! They provide so much good to local kids here in KC and were a HUGE part of getting my son the medical care he needed to stay healthy enough to benefit from his new super Cystic Fibrosis medication. 

Charisma and Mastering Human Interaction, Methods to Improve Your Life.

If you've ever met my son Joe, he's a naturally charismatic young man who just seems to make lifelong friends instantly. He's grown up fighting Cystic Fibrosis (CF), a chronic/terminal lung disease, and has a gift for living the biggest life in those short 21 years. For the past 12+ years he has spent about 3-4 weeks every 3 months in the hospital getting multiple IV antibiotics just to stay healthy enough to make it through life. 

Joe has recently started the first new major medicine for CF that's come along in his lifetime. His lung functions have increased, he feels better and hasn't been back in the hospital for over TWO YEARS now! It's not a cure, but it's given him a real future and is a true miracle!

Over the past few years during many days and nights in the hospital or home in bed not feeling well, he decided to start writing. He found ways to break his gift of natural charisma down into step by step processes to share with family and friends. 

Charisma and mastering human interaction is the first book by author Joe Tillery. This book explains the methods and concepts that will help you succeed in life, love, and business. Through proven techniques such as the "Nut5 method," you will be able to utilize the tips given within the pages of this book to come out on top.

Joe Tillery is an American author, rapper, YouTuber, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and journalist. Joe is also a Cystic Fibrosis patient fighting a lifelong chronic illness. Through his positive outlook on life and his charisma, he has had some amazing experiences. Joe grew up missing out on a lot due to severe illness and learned to live life to the fullest at each moment. Joe shares how to increase your own charisma with actionable and achievable steps to live your best life.

Book Details: 105 pages, paperback book, 6 x .27 x 9 inches. Published 7/2021

At the start of each chapter, Tillery uses a quote and explains its relevance to the topic of charisma and self-confidence. Ask yourself what it is you want. Whether you want financial freedom, love, trust, or political power and leadership, this book will provide you with the tools necessary to achieve your dreams. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone but it is not an excuse to bail on your dreams. Remember, you can't have a comeback without a setback. This book will change you and point you towards your life aspirations.

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