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the Fierce Knitter Project - Sharon Gottula Photography

Have you heard about this? Sharon Gottula is a local (KC) photographer getting ready to relocate to Seattle. She creates these amazing portraits.... and really captures the essence and soul of the subjects of her pics. She has a toothless project going for kids without their front teeth that are amazing to check out.....and the Fierce Knitters, which I'm proud to be a part of. PLEASE go check out the link and see what she's done. I felt like a bit of a rock star while doing the shoot and couldn't be happier with the way the shots turned out. I'll be sharing a few pics here over the next week or so but here's a few of my favorites.....

All Rights Reserved Sharon Gottula Photography

All Rights Reserved Sharon Gottula Photography

All Rights Reserved Sharon Gottula Photography

I can't wait to see each new fierce knitter on this project. Check back on Sharon Gottula Photography to see as she adds new shots into her gallery. I love Sharon's description of this project "Fierce knitters is documenting the amazing women and men who knit in Kansas City and beyond. I'm looking beyond pretty, fuck pretty, I'm searching for attitude and style."

I'd have to say she's captured that attitude and style in a way that not many have before her.


Who needs a dining room? I've got a YARNING room!

This is what our dining room currently looks like. Yarn everywhere! It's fabulous. I think I'm the only one of the family who thinks this, but I'm also the only member of the family without my own room/area to play. Each kid has their own room, the husband has a basement workshop area as well as the garage and I've just got my side of our bedroom which couldn't handle 50 skeins of yarn in various stages of drying. Momma needs a studio! :)

I'm getting ready for Knitting in the Heartland, a fabulous knitting/fiber weekend with classes and vendor market, on April 4-6th and I'm running out of time and drying space! Curtain rods, dining room and kitchen chairs and towel racks are currently draped in merino, cashmere and silk. It doesn't get much better than that! Soon these babies will be reskeined, priced and displayed in the TreasureGoddess booth at KITH and anything left will show up on my TreasureGoddess Etsy Shop too! YAY! YARN! or YARRRRRRRNNNNNNNN as a Pirate Sheep would say. :) Hope your day is full of color and yarn too!


An Adventure in Overdying

My cousin gave me a bag full of yarn and asked me to overdye it when I had a chance. I've been having such fun with the before & afters and thought I'd share.....

Before: Artyarns Supermerino Fingering Weight 50g skein. OK colors, just a bit too meh for her tastes (and mine too, come to think of it). This yarn said to me "I wanna make people say WOW when they see me!" I think I've got a WOW effect now, what do you think?

I'll share a few more pics of the before & after transformation in the next couple of weeks. Also, here's what WOW PURPLE's friends turned out like. They started as natural cream colored sparkle skeins......

Also, I'm an idiot.....drove almost the entire way to Hale American Arena to discover that MOPACA's show is THIS COMING weekend, not last weekend...doh!


It's MOPACA time, baby!

I'm gonna see me some Alpacas next weekend!

Next weekend, March 29-30th at American Royal Hale Arena in KC, MO is the MOPACA SHOW. Free and open to the public! Come wander about and see these fluffy, sweet, SQUOOSHY animals and check out some sweet vendors too! There should be everything from spinning fiber, finished products like sweaters, socks, hats, capes (who doesn't need a good cape?) as well as yarn and books and other yummy things. I'm not a vendor there, but will be heading down at some point on Saturday afternoon. My goal is to NOT buy a hat this year. I have a habit of buying hats there....cowboy hats, knitted hats, last year was a spectacular felted fancy black hat to wear out to fancy events in style. It's a weakness.

I'm such a fan of alpacas, the animals and the fiber. It's a nice place to wander even if you're not a spinner or knitter or farmer. These creatures are just sweet and so damn squooshy you just can't help but be in a great mood just being around them.

My favorite yarn to dye is called Cashmere Treasures. It's a base of 70% baby alpaca, 20% silk and 10% cashmere. When you pick up a skein in your hands it's almost impossible to put back down. Expressions of stress just melt away and people start petting the skeins like they would a baby kitten or sweet alpaca cria (baby alpaca). Below is a pic of one of my Nervous Eggplant colorways. This yarn and more will be at Knitting in the Heartland with me at the vendor market Apr 4-6th in Lenexa, KS. Until then, come pet some actual alpacas and then squoosh the yarn & fiber for sale at the vendor market this weekend at MOPACA. I have a feeling some will want to come home with you to join your fiber stash.


Welcome SPRING and COLOR!

Welcome Spring! While I think winter is beautiful, there are so many shades of whites, creams, grays and charcoals.....I am ready for some COLOR!!! How about you? Above are a few skeins of Sparkle Toes fresh out of the dye pots...ready to photograph to put on the etsy shop and also to sell at Knitting in the Heartland in a couple of weeks! I know I need to dye subtle colors too, but I just can't bring myself to do it yet. Let there be COLOR!

We just got back from a Spring Break mini vacation/college scouting trip. We visited the University of Mizzouri in Columbia (MIZZOU!) and the University of Arkansas in Lafayette (SNORT SNORT). We also spent a night at our cabin at the Lake of the Ozarks and went on a float trip from heck. Nothing like a lap full of 45 degree weather in heavy winds/overcast skies and 50 degree weather to wake you up. Pic at the bottom of our adventure shows 4 of us (the other 2 were on the back of the raft) and at the end of the trip, when the SUN finally came out to play. It was the first day the river was open and very few outfits were putting people on the water due to hypothermia, flooding, fast water concerns but hey.....Mountain Man wasn't about to let a little thing like cold weather and danger slow down our family. I think I stopped dropping the "F" bomb around noon. My kids lost count after 22. There were a LOT of cold waves over the side of the raft. We bonded. I also held myself in reserve and didn't beat anyone with my paddle. It was a good afternoon. Morning was a bit tense, but the afternoon ended well. We even had fun. Here's the pictorial history of our adventures....

Ever looked at pics on your phone after a trip and saw one and wondered what the hell?????

Seriously? A fuzzy picture of a sheep running by? WHAT THE HECK? I think I would've remembered something like, I didn't hit the liquor stores that hard, I think at one point I had 2 beers, surely I'd remember taking a picture of a SHEEP running by in the DARK, right? Then it dawned on me. OH, the Hampton Inn where we stayed had a picture of a sheep in one of the elevators and I tried to capture the pic but got bumped.... I totally forgot to retake the picture and even forgot I'd taken this one. ha!