HandDyedYarnWhy not treasure yourself? Hand Dyed Yarn that takes your breath away!

I create hand dyed intense, unapologetic color on luxurious yarn so squooshy it makes yarn snobs squeeeeeee.

PatternsPatterns designed for hand dyed & handspun yarn

I got tired of “meh” results with fabulous hand dyed & handspun yarns.  I created patterns to let these gorgeous skeins grow up to be STUNNING finished objects you will love to knit and love to wear!

handspunHandspun Yarn & Art Yarn

Handspun Art Yarn & Textured Yarn by Treasure Goddess Christine. Skeins spun of awesomeness (and luxurious hand dyed fibers).

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The Yarny Adventures of Treasure Goddess Christine

Remember to Treasure Yourself! Grab a skein of luscious yarn, cast on, kick back and read along.  Leave a comment, join in, think of it as a virtual knit group. Tales from the back porch dye lab…  Remember, happiness comes in a skein!

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