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Introducing Cabin Cowl, new pattern and perfect summer knitting project!

YAY for the perfect summer knitting project! Who wants to have a lap full of heavy, sweat inducing wool for a sweater or blanket in progress in the midst of July? NOT ME! May I introduce my newest, and favoritest, pattern, the Cabin Cowl (Ravelry Link) or for Etsy lovers, Cabin Cowl on Etsy!

I can NOT tell you how much fun I had knitting this baby up and it's even MORE FUN to wear! Light, drapey sock yarn is used, colors of your choice. Go a little wild like I did here (ORANGE to subtle navy to ACID LIME GREEN) or use a more color choices. My favorite part of this cowl is it matches everything I own! When I'm wearing blues, I can twist it around until the baby blue part shows or a little turquoise window for a kick. When I'm wearing Orange, I'm going to hit you with the WOW SPARKLE ORANGE factor!

This is also the perfect design to use up some of those mini skeins you've been hoarding...or buying.... OR dig into the stash and find some leftovers that want to come out and play as a Cabin Cowl of Awesomeness!

To reward my blog readers, feel free to use the code TGCOWL at checkout and save $2 off the usual price of $5. I'll be posting tutorials soon for picking and knitting up stitches across the bound off edges as well as side garter stitch bumps. For now, look below. See how the needle is going through BOTH parts of the V of the stitches? Wrap your yarn and complete your knit stitch and you're picking up one stitch per bound off stitch and you've got it! Garter stitch sides are not any tougher, grab two strands of each bump and knit away in the new direction when told to. It's really addicting, I have to admit to having at least 3 Cabin Cowls in various stages of knitting right now.

I just love my summer knitting project. The cowls are fun to knit and work up super fast, so my holiday knitting list is going to get much shorter. (That is, if I can bear to give these babies away...I just love ALL THE COLORS!)

I used Sparkle Toes sock yarn mini skeins, but you can use any fingering weight yarn you come across. I'm hoping to get more mini skeins in the etsy shop soon!

I'd love to hear what you think of the pattern and also, what are YOU knitting for summer knitting? I'm in one of those phases where nothing and everything sound good at the same time. Comment or send me a note on ravelry!


The Chateau Chapeau aka Wine Cork Hat

Recognize the amazing photography? It's from Sharon Gottula's Fierce Knitters Project. Fabulous and Fierce indeed! The hat shown is my own new pattern, the Chateau Chapeau! What a lovely way to give an unforgettable gift to your favorite wine lover! Pattern is available on or on I had SUCH fun making these, I have a feeling MUCH MORE WINE will need to be drunk up to allow for Christmas gifting season. Better start now!

Sharon Gottula is in a partnership with another amazingly creative woman named Laura Garfield. These women have created a company called the Idea Decanter. They wrote an article featuring my little Chapeau Chateau, go take a look! Drink it or wear it knitted cork hat is oddly adorable.

For another AwesomeSauce idea for wine cork gifting, check out their article on Behind the Scenes - The Fathers Day Cork Tie. The not-quite-fails but not-good trial pieces were cracking me up. They hit on a winner with the final version.

I think we should all pour up a glass of wine, have a sit & knit for a bit and start building up that wine cork collection. There are some amazingly cool knitted projects out there with wine cork crafts!


the Fierce Knitter Project - Sharon Gottula Photography

Have you heard about this? Sharon Gottula is a local (KC) photographer getting ready to relocate to Seattle. She creates these amazing portraits.... and really captures the essence and soul of the subjects of her pics. She has a toothless project going for kids without their front teeth that are amazing to check out.....and the Fierce Knitters, which I'm proud to be a part of. PLEASE go check out the link and see what she's done. I felt like a bit of a rock star while doing the shoot and couldn't be happier with the way the shots turned out. I'll be sharing a few pics here over the next week or so but here's a few of my favorites.....

All Rights Reserved Sharon Gottula Photography

All Rights Reserved Sharon Gottula Photography

All Rights Reserved Sharon Gottula Photography

I can't wait to see each new fierce knitter on this project. Check back on Sharon Gottula Photography to see as she adds new shots into her gallery. I love Sharon's description of this project "Fierce knitters is documenting the amazing women and men who knit in Kansas City and beyond. I'm looking beyond pretty, fuck pretty, I'm searching for attitude and style."

I'd have to say she's captured that attitude and style in a way that not many have before her.


Who needs a dining room? I've got a YARNING room!

This is what our dining room currently looks like. Yarn everywhere! It's fabulous. I think I'm the only one of the family who thinks this, but I'm also the only member of the family without my own room/area to play. Each kid has their own room, the husband has a basement workshop area as well as the garage and I've just got my side of our bedroom which couldn't handle 50 skeins of yarn in various stages of drying. Momma needs a studio! :)

I'm getting ready for Knitting in the Heartland, a fabulous knitting/fiber weekend with classes and vendor market, on April 4-6th and I'm running out of time and drying space! Curtain rods, dining room and kitchen chairs and towel racks are currently draped in merino, cashmere and silk. It doesn't get much better than that! Soon these babies will be reskeined, priced and displayed in the TreasureGoddess booth at KITH and anything left will show up on my TreasureGoddess Etsy Shop too! YAY! YARN! or YARRRRRRRNNNNNNNN as a Pirate Sheep would say. :) Hope your day is full of color and yarn too!


An Adventure in Overdying

My cousin gave me a bag full of yarn and asked me to overdye it when I had a chance. I've been having such fun with the before & afters and thought I'd share.....

Before: Artyarns Supermerino Fingering Weight 50g skein. OK colors, just a bit too meh for her tastes (and mine too, come to think of it). This yarn said to me "I wanna make people say WOW when they see me!" I think I've got a WOW effect now, what do you think?

I'll share a few more pics of the before & after transformation in the next couple of weeks. Also, here's what WOW PURPLE's friends turned out like. They started as natural cream colored sparkle skeins......

Also, I'm an idiot.....drove almost the entire way to Hale American Arena to discover that MOPACA's show is THIS COMING weekend, not last weekend...doh!