Knitting Light: 20 Mostly Seamless Tops, Tees & More for Warm Weather Wear, Paperback Book, Signed by author Marie Greene

Signed By Author:Signed by Marie Greene
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Knitting Light, new book with 20+ tops, tees & more for wearing all spring & summer!

Now you don’t need to wait until winter to pull out your knits! Knitwear designer Marie Greene’s delightful collection of lightweight patterns using plant-based yarns are designed to keep you cool and fashionable―and show off your knitting prowess year-round. With a wide range of lace details, unexpected textures, and classic shapes, Marie’s well-crafted, top-down, and (mostly) seamless patterns are perfect for knitters of advanced-beginner and intermediate skill levels. You just have to decide what to cast on first!


Chic and Breezy Tops and Tees Made with Gorgeous Knitted Details

With Marie’s expert advice, you’ll be able to find your perfect fit in sizes S through 6X and create new closet staples to last a lifetime. Even for knitters new to plant-based fibers, Marie’s practical tips and tricks make learning to knit with cotton, linen, hemp, and more as breezy as the tops you’ll create. Imagine taking a morning stroll on the beach wearing the laid-back Jasmine V-Neck Tee or matching the blooms in your backyard garden in the airy Magnolia Flutter Sides Top. With these light knits designed for warmer weather, you’ll be able to say “I made it myself” all year long.


Marie Greene has signed extra copies of this brand new book! Grab yours before they're gone!

Marie Greene is an internationally known designer, best-selling author and instructor who’s been knitting since childhood. She is the founder of Olive Knits and the Knit Camp app, host of the Good Enough Creative Podcast, and the author of five books on knitting, including Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 WeeksThe Joy of Yarn and Knitting Light. Her renegade knitting tricks and cheerful teaching style have helped knitters around the world knit with skill and confidence. Marie teaches the how AND the why and empowers her students with the skills to be the boss of their own knitting. You'll love her candid insights, brilliant tips and hilarious stories that will not only teach and inspire you, but will keep you laughing along the way. Marie lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three critters, Greta, Opal and Josie. 

That lovely pink top shown in photos is the Water Lily Silk Pullover, which is made with Teasure Goddess Yarn! Pure Silk Riches, 100% mulberry silk yarn, which is perfect for warm weather wear. 3 skeins knits up sizes 32-36 inches, 4 skeins knits up sizes 38-46 inches and 5 skeins knits up sizes 48-60 inches. Many of the other tops can be knit with Treasure Goddess Bamboo Linen Treasures or Organic Merino Sport Treasures Yarn too!

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