Blocking my Flatiron Shawl

I thought I'd share how I blocked my crocheted Flatiron Shawl here!

First, here she is..... unblocked

Next I like to use hair conditioner as my wool soak. I use about the size of a pea in my hand like this....

But I don't just squirt it in, as then you'd have a glob of conditioner in one spot and nothing anywhere else! Rub your hands together under the water to fully disperse the conditioner.

Finish filling with COOL or COLD water so there will be a few inches above your shawl/project. Then dunk in the project gently pushing it down but don't twist the fibers.

You will know when your item is fully saturated as it will sink to the bottom of the bucket/sink/container. I usually let mine sit about 20-30 minutes. See below to see the shawl is sitting below a couple of inches of water.

Next squeeze out excess water, try not to twist or distort stitches, then either put into a washing machine on SPIN ONLY cycle OR roll up in a towel and stomp on it to remove as much water as you can. 

Lay out on carpet or bed or blocking mats and squoosh out into shape. Some shawls need pinning to fully extend little lace bits, but this one did great with me just using my hands to push into shape and stretch it out. (ignore the messy studio LOL)

Once fully dry, put on and BE FABULOUS!