Pieces of Eight Cowl pattern by Chery Allison

Olympic Knitting – Finish ALL the things!

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Pieces of Eight Cowl pattern by Chery AllisonAre you knitting anything during the Olympics?  Doing some ravelympic knitting?  (GASP) I know you’re not supposed to call it that any more, but it’s still that to me.  (2012 Yarn Harlot got a stern talking to/threatened by the Olympics and had to change the name to the ravellenic games.)

Often people pick a project and cast on at the beginning of the Olympics, knit away and try to complete by the end of the events.  I decided I had quite enough WIPS (works in progress) and didn’t need to cast anything else on until I got things under control.  My Olympic knitting is to FINISH ALL THE THINGS!! I do, in fact, feel like a champion!  So far, I’ve just bound off the Fancy Ribbed Cowl I’d been knitting a row or two on over the last 6 months.  YAY ME!  Pattern: Fancy Ribbed Cowl by Chery Allison.  Yarn: Sparkle Toes in colorway Pieces of Eight by Treasure Goddess (me).  I still have to seam up the ends and weave in the ends, but I hope to have this complete by Monday!

I’ve also got a silk cowl in progress, a couple of sweaters that need sleeves (I know, I always put those off) and a knitted DRESS that needs its hem sewed and ends woven in.  I’d better get busy!

What’s your Olympic knitting project?  It’s a great excuse to sit & watch some amazing athletes and knit the day and night away.


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