and keep your strands to yourself!

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Today is DYE DAY!  I looooooove dye day!  I’m getting ready for Woolfest 2017!  What’s Woolfest you ask?  It’s FABULOUS!  A one day mini fiber festival CRAMMED with yarn, fiber, free classes, fibery friends and FANTASTIC giveaways too!  TOTALLY worth the roadtrip, at the Columbian Theatre in Wamego, KS on Sat, Jan 14th 2017 10am-4pm.  It’s about 2 hours west of KC just off I-70!

Overheard in the Treasure Goddess Yarn Studio earlier today…

Husband: Did I just hear you telling your yarn to keep their hands to themselves?

TreasureGoddess: No, that would be silly.

Husband: Oh, good.

TreasureGoddess: I told them to keep their STRANDS to themselves!  See the cashmere/silk gets a bit grabby and is always catching their strands of yarn in the skeins of sparkle toes.  I know they’ve got the bling, but seriously? they’ve got the cashmere & silk & baby alpaca.  They should embrace their sultry selves and let the sparkle shine on its own.


TG: You know there’s more people like me out there, I’m not the only one that talks to her yarn.

H: That’s not a comforting thought.

TG: It is to me.  🙂

PS it was the Song of the Sirens Cashmere Lace & Sparkle Toes that were getting in each others’ business.  Those sirens are SUCH divas!

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